A full-stack DeFi ecosystem based on the Huobi ecological chain

The Core of DogMoon

DogMoonIt is a one-stop DEFI platform to achieve cross-chain trading and multi-asset exchange, In the future, a decentralized international community will be built to attract international high-quality blockchain public chains、 In the future, a decentralized international community will be built to attract international high-quality blockchain public chain international financial institutions, international digital asset regulators, and international outstanding scientific and technological personnel、 The international entity industry on the chain demand side to join the community organization, To maintain the normal development and operation of DogMoon community and products.

DogMoon is based on the distributed financial model of DEFI, and through the latest cross-chain and side-chain fusion at the bottom, Seamless access to a variety of digital assets for trading.At the same time, without the traditional disadvantages of centralization and decentralization, Realize real fairness, justice and openness on the basis of aggregation.

DogMoon's Vision

DogMoon,full name is Dog Landing On The Moon,As an experiment in decentralized community construction, it is designed to be based on Huobi State chain bottom technology, from the actual market demand, to provide DeFi field Diversified service, create "full stack DeFi king", let more ecology Enable encrypted assets so that Defi never has a threshold.

The vision of DogMoon is to connect DEX and CEX by DEFI, to solve the "islands of value" between chains by cross-chain technology and cross-chain trading interface, and to solve the digital asset circulation process by DEFI data visualization Let DEX be as convenient as CEX. Let CEX be like DEX Just as safe, free and unobstructed.

Main Feature

DEX data visualization

Blockchain is more than just a public ledger and distribution.

Database, it is also a host of large digital assets


Full cross-chain aggregate transactions

DogMoon full cross-chain aggregation transactions rely on the bottom of the Huobi ecological chain

Layer infrastructure development, committed to build

The best partner for globally distributed finance and aggregate transactions.

Mining/mining machine/mining pool services

DogMoon provides services including DOGE, CHIA coins,

And a variety of mining machine selection, including IPFS mining machine,

And provide mine pool service.

Defi Ecological Extension

DOGEExclusive to the central wallet/DEFI entrance

Based on DOGE SWAP trading system

Distributed pledge lending financial platform.

DogMoon Roadmap

Frequently asked questions?

Is DogMoon wallet free?
How do I use DogMoon?
What if my trade fails?

Since there is no middleman involved in processing, no loss occurs in an in-chain transaction.

Will there be a transaction delay?

There is no transaction delay in the DogMoon network.When the network involved is slow, only cross-linked transactions may be affected.

Is 100 million transactions per second real?

Yes.Sharding ensures that the capacity of the blockchain grows exponentially when transactions occur.

Is there a blockchain like DogMoon?

Different blockchains have one or another of the characteristics offered by DogMoon, but no one has all of them.

Don't miss DogMoon Application
It is now available for free download

The DogMoon app is a convenient innovation that does not require users to download a penny.

even?Ease of use makes the application a utility that should be accessed by every encryption enthusiast who is keen to keep an eye on the cutting edge development of WABNetwork.

Introduction of DogMoon

DogMoon is committed to creating a full-stack DEFI ecosystem, so as to create a digital Token with more circulating application value.Therefore, we will issue DogMoon token based on Huobi ecological chain, which is the only value transmission medium in the ecology. For account recording and transfer and payment in participating in DEFI and more applications in the future.In addition to that, DogMoon will also play more roles in the future ecology, maintaining the overall ecological balance while the value of digital currency fluctuates.

(*)95 billion DogMoon tokens locked in 2 years (until Q1/2020-Mainet Lauching) and the current circulating supply is 5 billion DogMoon (we may partially lock tokens to increase the value of WAB before the major network launches)
DogMoon is Compact circulation tokens:
Total circulation:10 quadrillion
issue date:20:00 on May 10th
DogMoon you hold the longer, the more you get tokens, is now more than 80% have tokens into the black hole, the circulation quantity is less than 20%, the proportion of black hole address 0 x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 destroyed with the increasing volume.
Diversification of cross-chain transactions

You don't need a centralized processor like other blockchains to process transactions.Cross-chain transactions are completed directly by DogMoon.

Remain constant

The transaction status in DogMoon does not change to save costs.Each transaction is validated and rebuilt to restore them to their original state.

Ensuring security based on cryptography

DogMoon takes the steps needed to protect the user by ensuring a double ellipse and a signature scheme for the Lamport.All transactions are protected by privacy and no third party interference.